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Trends in Manpower & Employment Demand


Employment Opportunities

Looking for a Job .?..a career..? Well..!! There is a good news for you. USA is enjoying lowest  unemployment in it's history, economies in Europe and emerging markets are booming and the demand for skilled professional workers is at its high  worldwide. .But this current employment climate does not mean a windfall for all workers. There are certain industries and positions which may offer more employment opportunities than others for the right candidate. That's good news for job seekers since manpower shortages could mean more competitive hiring strategies including higher salaries and more enticing benefit structures. The following skills and jobs are typical of industries seeking to fill openings.

Professional Technical Jobs

Computer software engineer, computer systems analyst, industrial and mechanical engineer and technician, sales and marketing professional, graphic designer, information technology specialist, registered nurse, health care technician, pharmacist, human resources practitioner, engineer, environmental researcher, scientist

Manufacturing Jobs (Durable)

Not only are engineers and scientists in short supply, there is a shortage of qualified skilled production employees in industries such as automotive, aerospace etc., who can operate robotics and possess strong math and analytical skills.

Manufacturing Jobs (Non-Durable)

Chemical engineer, agricultural engineer, food scientist and technician, biochemist, physicist, microbiologist

Transportation and Utilities Professional positions:

Pilot, computer systems analysts, electrical and nuclear engineer and technician, operations manager

Finance and  Insurance and Real Estate

Financial manager, operations manager, financial adviser, financial analyst, accountant, computer systems analyst, computer programmer, computer software engineer, lawyer, actuary

General Services

Accountant, business management, financial management, marketing and sales representative, advertising rep, public relations manager, editor,


Education Jobs

Elementary, middle, secondary and post-secondary teacher and administrator, counselor, librarian

Construction Jobs

Construction manager, architect, engineer, cost estimator

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