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Want to make six figures? You're probably thinking that being a stock broker, doctor, lawyer or CEO is the only way to make big bucks. You will be surprised to know that even for those without an advanced degree, there are ways to hustle for a big paycheck. Jobs such as highly skilled secretary or a miner or even waiting tables in fancy Manhattan restaurant can place one in the neighborhood of $100.000 paycheck. In truth, only a small percentage of Americans are fortunate enough to earn this much. In 2004, only about 5 percent of U.S. workers earned more than six figures, according to the Census Bureau.
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One way to ensure these things is to earn more than $100,000 a year--a traditional benchmark for "doing well." All those zeros mean you could afford to buy a comfortable mansion in upstate New York or a comfortable hose in long island. You could take that trip abroad. Certainly, you could afford to put some money aside for a rainy day. For a six figure salary search you have to understand that it is a numbers game. You are now approaching the narrower points in the pyramid and the demand for six figure jobs always outstrips the supply. Your resume has to hit at exactly the moment that a company or a recruiter needs a person with your particular skill and experience. So you can see that you will get very few hits… and that is why we need to get you up to bat as often as possible. But just because six-figure salaries are rare, doesn't mean they are nonexistent. Though it may come as no shock that top CEOs, surgeons, lawyers, dentists, petroleum engineers and optometrists can pull in a pretty penny, did you know that lots of money can also be made in other fields? In fact, many jobs that pay six-figures don't even require a graduate degree. In lots of cases, all it takes to crack $100,000 is talent and lots of experience. So where's the money? You'll find it in...


Real estate A real estate director working to lease and oversee commercial properties for its owners can pull in six figures. So can a director of construction for a commercial real estate company or a sales manager for a real estate developer. (Remember, these jobs are in commercial real estate. We're not talking about realtors who sell houses, although some of them do very well, too.) Construction experience, real estate experience, and a real estate license are a must for such jobs--but not a graduate degree. Even if real estate experiences a bust in coming years, it's likely that people on the commercial end of things will still be sitting pretty. $Get started with your 100K+ Job now

Sales Sales managers of all sorts earn lots of the green stuff. Whatever the industry--manufacturing, financial services, pharmaceuticals, IT, banking--companies are willing to pay sales managers big bucks to make sure their products get sold. In most cases, while an MBA may be preferable, it is not necessary. A good sales record, however, is. A good sales manager must be able to set sales goals, assign sales territories, and establish training programs for sales underlings. At, we've spotted sales management jobs available at an irrigation manufacturing firm, a human resources company, a financial services firm and an e-commerce company. Salary ranges were from $95,000 to $135,000--to start.$Get started with your 100K+ Job now

Advertising Creative directors, account directors and product managers in advertising firms as well as those who manage advertising for other types of firms, do well. Standard education in these positions is only a bachelor's degree. On , a firm in Indiana recently advertised for a senior account supervisor with 8 to 12 years of experience to manage accounts of Fortune 200 companies in Chicago, Detroit and Cleveland. $Get started with your 100K+ Job now

Aviation Pilots' for the big commercial airlines can earn sky-high salaries. The median annual earnings for chief pilots, co-pilots, and flight engineers, was $135,400 in 2004, according to the Bureau for Labor Statistics. More than 25 percent of pilots earned salaries that soared above $145,000. But this is changing. Airlines have been in financial trouble for some years now and are doing their best to cut pilot salaries. It's unlikely that young pilots entering the business now will ever do as well as their predecessors. All commercial pilots need a commercial pilot's license with an instrument rating issued by the FAA. Pilots must also have an airline transport certificate, be at least 23 years old, and have at least 1500 hours of flying experience, including night and instrument flying, as well as pass FAA written and flight examinations. $Get started with your 100K+ Job now


Also in the friendly skies, cargo pilots can do well. For example, Federal Express compensates it's cargo pilots with a hefty paycheck. As a cargo pilot, you're expected to fly 15 to 18 days a month (a day being defined as a series of short trips or one long transatlantic flight.) Most flights are overnight. The average FedEx pilot makes upwards of $180,000 a year. New pilots are required to have a bachelor's degree, a commercial pilot certificate with instrument ratings, and 1500 hours logged as pilot in command, in addition to other requirements.

Pharmaceuticals People working in pharmaceutical companies can find a cure for the low-salary blues. These companies invest heavily in pushing their pills. That means many different sorts of workers are rewarded handsomely for their work. Sales representatives at drug companies are generally given hefty budgets--and hefty salaries settling somewhere around the low six-figures. They often don't have to suffer through the long hours or traveling that other sales types have to put up with, either. Scientists on the research end of things are also very well-rewarded. Research scientists at drug companies earn somewhere in the $65-$110,000 range, clinical research physicians in the $90,000 to $200,000 range. $Get started with your 100K+ Job now

Then there are the odd jobs... Bet you've never thought of this one: freelance hair and make-up stylists working in commercial advertising can make upwards of six-figures. Junior freelance artists in this environment ask between $400 and $600 a day. Experienced artists with international experience can make up to $2,000 a day. Now that's a handsome salary. Time-tested skills are still in demand. If, for example, you think typists are as outmoded as typewriters, you'd be wrong. A skilled typist who's willing to train intensely to get up to about 200 a minute will qualify to be a court reporter— a highly specialized skill always in demand.. Mining companies sometimes don't even require a college degree for a mining supervisory positions, achievable for those who started in lower positions who show a knack for organization skills. These managers, who average $106,000 annually, plan out procedures for mining projects, from setting budgets to enforcing deadlines. Jobs that can pay handsomely: court reporter, technical writer, truck driver and elementary school teacher. $Get started with your 100K+ Job now

A dose of reality

By now, you may have noticed that most six figure salaries are in management, especially for jobs that don't require a graduate degree. It seems that large companies with substantial resources are willing to pay managers a premium to ensure that a job gets done.  Most managers have 10 or 15 years of experience under their belt, as well as a proven track record in their field. In other words, you can't hope to throw off your graduation gown and walk directly into a six-figure job. Managers must cope with lots of stress and personnel worries, and they must also accept a greater degree of risk in their careers, since they are often the first fired when a company decides to cutback or shift direction.

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