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What the Recruiter Seeks in a Candidate? Does the Appearance Count?

Depending on the nature of the employment being offered, recruiter's outlook will be different. There are certain qualities in general however, every recruiter will like to see in a potential employee. Recruiter's emphasis on these qualities below will  differ based on the type of positions under consideration:

  1. Intelligence
  2. Ability to Communicate Clearly and Precisely
  3. Self Confidence
  4. Initiative
  5. Ability and Desire to Lead
  6. Focus
  7. Flexibility
  8. Interpersonal Skills
  9. Ability to manage crisis
  10. Competitiveness
  11. Motivation to achieve established goals
  12. High Energy
  13. Good Recommendations..

As they say "First impression is the last impression”. Appearance at any interview will indicate as to how serious you are about the the position being offered. Appearance should be reflective of the job for which you are being interviewed. You should dress your best but not flashiest. Some tips below will help you prepare before an interview:

  1. Be neat and clean
  2. Properly showered and wear clean clothes
  3. Clean and cut fingernails
  4. Shined shoes/no sneakers
  5. Wear dress paints and shirt/no jeans and casual shirt
  6. Minimal make up and perfume
  7. Minimal non-flashy jewelry and conservative hairstyle
  8. We all know dress codes at some of the jobs are not as formal as they used to be but It is wise to excercise caution on the conservative side at the job interviews.


  1. Fill the job application and prepare the resume professionally
  2. Relax and be genuine
  3. Be truthful and to the point on the resume
  4. Brush up on communication skills before the interview
  5. Be assertive and attentive in the interview
  6. Show maturity and good communication skills
  7. Have a proper mix of humor, sincerity and energy when communicating
  8. Look motivated and keen on the position being offered
  9. Have references, preferably from current and past employments and several copies of resume with you
  10. Treat receptionists and secretaries and others with respect when appearing for a an  interview.
  11. Be prepared to explain why you are leaving your current job and looking for other .  Be positive in your answer
  12. Remember interviewers name and it’s pronunciation
  13. Write a follow up thank you letter irrespective of what you thought of the meeting
  14. Take search seriously and learn from your past  interviews to help you succeed in future
  1. Have an unimpressive cover letter
  2. Have an overly big resume. Try a short effective one if you don’t have to have a big resume.
  3. Be vague and lack direction on your resume and in the interview. 
  4. Be overly aggressive or fearful
  5. Apply without understanding the position and/or the employer
  6. Apply for positions not suitable for your education & experience
  7. Chew gum during an interview
  8. Use slangs or poor grammar
  9. Be too technical in your answers in an interview as non technical interviewers may be there too
  10. Indicate your current employer and present job conditions as the main reason for seeking new employment
  11. Bring letter of references and awards etc. from  your previous employers
  12. Wear sun glasses and/or outerwear in the  interview
  13. Look at your watch a lot during an interview
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