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First Impression : Cover Letter Do's & Don'ts

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In most situations, long before an employer sees your résumé or meets you in person, they begin forming an impression about you from your cover letter. A Good Cover letter starts to set the tone for a good next step. Not many employers will give you a second chance if you leave them with a bad first impression. Following are the mistakes to avoid in a "Cover Letter " :

Don't Address the letter and resume to the wrong Department. Get the proper address to send the resume.

Don't forget to say which position you are applying for. Many companies advertise more than one position at a time.

Don't address the letter "Dear Sirs". The person reading your letter may be a woman who won't be impressed with this salutation. Instead, find out the name of the person who will be reviewing your résumé by contacting the company's human resources department, or address your letter "Attention: Human Resources Department" if they won't give you a name.


Don't send a cover letter that has not been thoroughly proofread. Typographical and grammatical errors create a poor impression.

Don't be vague in what you claim. The employer may see that as an effort to hide or over exaggerate facts. Be precise.

Don't start with what you want. Focus instead on what value you can bring to the employer, such as increasing revenues or cutting costs.

Don't appear desperate. Avoid comments such as "I've already sent out a bunch of résumés without much luck." Employers may wonder if there's a good reason why no one else has hired you.

Don't challenge them to hire you. Employers will be turned off if you say something like "It's your loss if you don't hire me." Instead, show them, with examples of your accomplishments, why you would be an asset to their company.


Remember, to leave a good impression, treat your cover letter as if it were the first meeting with your potential employer. So, make your cover letter count, even if you have some leftover lunch stuck between your teeth while you are writing it.

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