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International Jobs

                Things to Consider When Taking International / Global Jobs

Jobs available in other countries pose lot more challenges compared to the jobs in your native country. Cultural and language barriers are the biggest of the hurdles. Different countries may have different length of works days, business practices and business etiquette. Now a days safety is a huge issue as well when searching for Jobs in foreign nation. Political and social situation in the host country and the reputation of the recruiter/company offering a job should be looked at very seriously.  Before considering a job away from the native country , one should consider very seriously the following suggestions:


Personal Safety

Political and social unrest in host country should be close at the top of your list to consider. You must feel that it benefit outweigh the risk to your personal safety before accepting jobs in troubled countries. It is understandable that one faces personal risk anywhere and a mishap can occur, but taking jobs in countries with social and political turmoil may be asking for trouble

Financial Security :

The idea of relocating to an underdeveloped nation is a tempting way to escape the struggles of making ends meet at home.  Salary package offered might look big on surface but when you consider taxes, cost of living etc. in the host country , you might be in for a shock.  Ask the prospective employer about the local taxes, cost of living etc.  For those coming from small towns/cities,  cost of living in a large city in a foreign country can be equal to or even higher than lot of U.S. cities.


It is good to have a place to live and a company car awaiting you when you get there. But good thing is that employers are willing to negotiate perks such as free housing, cars and more. In countries where personal security is a big factor, you should also negotiate  for home security if you must take the job.

Fraud :

Have the contract looked at by an attorney before you rush in to sign it. Do a thorough check on the recruiter and the prospective company through better business bureaus and by calling the embassy respectively, before accepting the offer. Have the job contract looked at by an attorney before you rush in to sign it. Ask your prospective employers to give you local contacts, who are either currently working for the company or have worked for them in the past. There are a variety of relocation services that can help you, and any reputable employer should offer such services as part of your employment contract. A number of sources are available for country data online including the U.S. Dept. of Labor and the Stat-USA Internet .

Job Security

Before you hop on the next plane to teach English as a second language in Spain, make sure there are enough jobs. European countries such as Spain, France has a high unemployment rate and not lot of jobs are available.  Similar situation exists in most developing countries. Use online  and other resources to check employment rates (U.S. Department of Labor) and other information for most countries.  Have a job offer or a job contract in hand before you venture out. Make sure that there is some provision built in the contract just in case your employer decides to pre-maturely terminate your contract.  .

Job Satisfaction :

Other countries have widely varying labor laws and social norms dictating working conditions and length of the work day. Business practices and business etiquette may vary from country to country. For example, the average annual number of hours a U.S. employee works is 1,821 hours, compared with 1,606 in Italy and 1,340 in Norway. South American countries have traditions of taking long breaks for lunch and putting in their required hours over longer day. Late dinners/suppers are a social norm. You should be flexible and pretty sure about being flexible to a change of work and life style.


Weather, Heath and Environmental Conditions: 

If you have health problems or lived in an area with extreme weathers, make sure that you can handle extreme weather conditions in some other countries. If your job doesn't include a company car, you will probably have to rely on public transportation for the daily task of traveling from home to your new job and back. Some countries have continuous rolling black outs to conserve energy, so amenities like air conditioning or heating may not be available all the times.

Many countries also have excellent health care systems, with fairly adequate social and cultural support for foreigners. Be advised however, when it comes to health, the local ideology may differ significantly from western medical practices. Those individuals with ongoing health conditions that require medications for problems such as asthma, diabetes and even women who take oral contraceptives, would be well-advised to make special arrangements for them in advance. 

You must be prepared when considering a switch to international employment. Have embassy contacts and phone numbers at all times just in case you require help. Don't hesitate to call upon your embassy officials when you require an immediate help. Good Luck with your international jobs search .


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